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Check out my new Art piece!

2016-11-22 16:46:43 by ThaFallenOne

Hello there my loyal 4 Fans. If you havent already check out my newest Art i posted today, I worked all morning on it (2am-8:30am CST) Thank you and goodbye :)

Back with better ART!!!

2016-10-29 16:29:31 by ThaFallenOne

Back with ART.... That is all

One Year Anniversary

2014-07-15 00:14:24 by ThaFallenOne

WOW. One Year. Its been that long?

Ok so i dont have many followers but my art has improved so i am proud of myselF :D

I have to give thanks to LarryNachos for scouting me too.

Well here is my one year anniversary art..... MOVING ART!!!!!


HD version is on my YT  vdeo